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Food Stamp Program
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The Food Stamp Program is a state-administered federal nutrition assistance program, It is designed to be a supplement to the household budget in order to provide a healthy diet, which is an essential component of well-being for persons of all ages, including senior citizens.  Assistance is available to those who meet financial eligibility guidelines. 

Although the program is still called ‘Food Stamps,’ it does not use coupons or food stamp books. Since December of 2000, the system has been changed to an electronic one, called the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT). Benefits are authorized in an account that is accessed by the recipient at participating retail stores through the use of a benefit card and personal identification number (PIN). 

It works much the same way a bank debit card does. Each month, an amount of credit is placed in the account, and the recipient can spend up to that amount for food.

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